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Best Bingo Outfits

So, you’re looking forward to a night out at the bingo. You’re all prepared but for one thing – what to wear? Some people go all out for the bingo, especially if they are carrying on the night afterwards and going out elsewhere. So you will not look out of place in your best party dress and heels, or trousers and shoes if you are a bloke.

Having said that, bingo for many is a more relaxed, casual affair, and so there is nothing wrong in simply putting on a pair of jeans and pumps and keeping it low key. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease in what you are wearing. Nothing is likely to put you off your bingo flow more than feeling ill at ease in whatever you are wearing.

Many people like to go to the bingo straight after work so you could always stick a pair of jeans and earrings in your bag to make the switch from office wear to bingo wear when you visit the bingo hall after work. There is rarely a dress code beyond simply not looking too scruffy, so you can pretty much please yourself when it comes to dressing for the bingo.

Of course, if you play online bingo you can choose whatever you want to wear! Feel the most comfortable in your pjs and slippers? Fine! Want to wear your lucky but battered vest to play bingo? No problem! No one can see what you look like when you play bingo online, which is why it proves so popular with so many people. So get your favourite old jumper or best baggy tracksuit bottoms out of the wardrobe and get ready to play online bingo . Good luck!  

Last Updated 17 October 2013