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3 Reel Slots Microgaming

3 Reel Slots are undoubtedly the most popular slot game, be it online casinos or land based, they are just like the first ever slot machines which greeted the gaming world back in 1895. But now there are many different features and variations that sort themselves apart from all other 3 reel slot games. This may vary from having more pay lines, or you are able to play more coins to get higher payouts, but they are all based on the original Slot Machine.

Jackpots in the 3 Reel Slot Games are different, mainly due to the amount of coins you can bet on one spin. Which means that you receive the highest amount for a winning combination or jackpot, we recommend you play according to the max. bet if you can afford to. You will see what max. bet is in the pay table of each Online Slot Game, so check the pay table before you start to bet on any slot game.

One reason for such a large gap between certain 3 Reel Slot Jackpots is that, there is a wild symbol. A wild symbol is a symbol that can become anything to make up a winning combination, this of means that you would be paid less if you get a wild symbol and another two symbols.


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