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Bingo Brits

I bet you didn’t know it but bingo is reputed to have begun in Italy in the 1500’s and to have spread from there across Europe before eventually arriving in Britain. If you ask us Brits however, bingo is very much one of our national pastimes and we are passionate about the culture surrounding it.

In years gone by the mention of bingo would conjure up images of a family Christmas or of Granny heading off down the bingo hall with her friends on a Saturday night armed with her lucky dabber. These days however, bingo has been claimed by a younger generation through the massive rise in popularity of playing bingo online. It is so accessible – literally at the click of a mouse – and players can dip in and out whilst they get on with other things in their busy lives.

Bingo is still dominated by female players, however more and more men are starting to catch the bug! A quick game online at lunchtime in the office perhaps, or to wind down in the evening before the football match comes on. Some enterprising men are even heading to the bingo chat rooms for the sole purpose of meeting single young ladies with a similar interest, so watch out girls for some full-on flirting! And what could be more fun while you enjoy a good game of bingo?!

British bingo players take their game very seriously: we may be out for entertainment when we visit our favourite websites but we are also in it to win it! Great prizes and attractive cash payouts are what it is all about at the end of the day so don’t think we are not concentrating just because we are having a giggle at the same time. Join the best of the best and play bingo with the Brits today!