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The Best Sites reward loyalty

The stiff competition that exists throughout the online gaming industry is great news for players because it means the welcome bonuses keep getting bigger and bigger. But this also creates a bit of a problem. This is because intro bonuses are usually one-off incentives – so to receive more of the same, we need to continually register to play at new sites. And as any casino, bingo or slots player will tell you, this can be a bit of a pain. What most players prefer to do is to try out a few different sites, then settle on one they like as they get used to the different games on offer, the chat rooms and the whole feel of a site.

But the lack of incentives to keep playing make the welcome bonuses available elsewhere look even more tempting – so it’s hard not to take them.

Thankfully, an increasing number of sites seem to be warming to the idea of focusing just as much on retaining their current players as they are on recruiting new ones.

From looking at various sites across the web, the one that seems to score most highly in this regard – i.e. of keeping players incentivised by some imaginative on-going promotions - is Chitchat Bingo.

Chitchat has a page on its site dedicated purely to grouping together all its bonuses and promotions – and this really helps as, sometimes, these things just aren’t clear. Chitchat has the usual generous welcome offer for new players – with an initial 200% bonus, followed by a 100% bonus and a third bonus of 50%. This, in itself, is different; but what really sets Chitchat apart from the competition are its ongoing promotions. So, just to give you some idea of the sorts of creative incentives the site has at any given time – it is currently offering free daily scratch-cards, plus free bingo rooms offering the chance to win something for nothing, as well as “Guaranteed Giveaways”, and a “Jackpot Genie” who’ll be giving £5k away in one game. These are just a couple of the many current offers – all made abundantly clear for existing members.

The best sites reward player loyalty – and Chitchat is clearly one of them.